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Holiday trip

Do you want to take your jewellery on a holiday trip?

girl can dream, so when packing for your next trip, it’s not unusual your mind jumps to your holiday outfits and the jewelry that matches them. Which jewels are ideal to bring on a trip, how do you take them with you and how do you take care of them? We give you 4 hacks to make sure your jewelry survives your holiday. –

 Invest in a jewelry box

 It might be smart to purchase a decent jewelry box or bag in order to not lose your favorite pieces and to safely store your jewelry. Yet, there are plenty of other tips and tricks to easily pack your jewel ry. Watches can be tightened around a rolled towel or washcloth. Fine necklaces and minimalist braceletsare keptuntied by pulling them through a straw, and earrings stay together by clicking them together or storing them in a pillbox.


Taking all your jewelry with you, might be tricky. But if you want to give a simple outfit an upgrade from casual to chic, you can combine stacks of rings or multiple necklaces. Fine necklaces with different lengths, with or without a pendant, can turn a basic outfit into a sophisticated and elegant whole. Take some extra rings with you in addition to your minimalist wedding and/or engagement ring to create a ring party. Bring a statement jewel with you to pull out all the stops.

 Don’t give chloride and salt a chance

Especially when you go on a summer holiday in the sun, a visit to the swimming pool and the beach is mandatory. However, pay attention when you bring your favorite jewelry to those places, since chlorine, salt and sand have an impact on your jewels. If you bring gold jewelry with you, you don’t have to worry about chlorine. Gold is a precious metal and nearly never reacts with other substances. Other metals like silver, copper or nickel on the other hand, strongly react with chlorine. Diamonds as well are affected by this substance and can even discolor when bringing them to the swimming pool.

Salt, on his turn, can cause damage as well. It creates rust on soldered parts of your jewelry, therefore causing your jewelry to weaken and making sure gemstones can loosen. In addition, salt affects the shine and brightness of diamonds and gemstones, with a dull color as a result. So, just keep those diamond rings in your hotel room for the time being.

Did you go swimming with your jewelry by accident? Rinse your jewel with clean water. Use a non-aggressive PH-neutral soap or microfiber cloth if necessary. Does the dirt not come off? Take your jewelry on a trip to your jeweler after your holiday. He/she will restore your favorite pieces and will make them shine like before.

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